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No para-military style or Spec-Ops fantasy camps here. What you WILL find here is instruction in practical, real world techniques, concepts and principles relevant in today's modern urban environment. Instruction that will increase your chances of survivability if ever you should find yourself in a real world violent encounter in "Any city, USA" and beyond.

Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives

Our series of firearms classes deal with the realities of owning and carrying a firearm for personal defense. We take you from basic safe handling and marksmanship to actual force on force reality based combat scenarios against live adversaries. All of our classes are suitable for private citizens as well as uniformed armed professionals. Inquire about POST credits. Learn more about Urban Gun-Fighting Combatives Training

Unarmed Combatives

Combatives are an aggressive style of combat that exhibits a willingness to get close in with the attacker. Our combatives courses are derived from some of the most advanced reality based modern fighting systems currently available to civilians. Make no mistake this is not a competitive karate class. The techniques are brutally simple and can be utilized by just about anyone. Learn more about Unarmed Combatives

Personal Safety Awareness Training and Rape Prevention

Personal safety is about risk reduction, using good common sense and trusting your instincts. The simplest and best defense against assaults is to be more aware of your environment or surroundings and avoiding dangerous situation all together. Our personal safety awareness training is designed to increase your ability to be aware of your surroundings and identify key indicators of a potential threat or hazard to your safety. We discuss real life scenarios and case studies as well as hard hitting statistics to show you how being aware can make a difference. Learn more about Hosted Courses

Emergency & Disaster Preparedness in Urban Survival Scenarios

Mitigating risk during a crisis event in an urban environment can create some challenges often overlooked and taken for granted due to a false sense of security that public safety professionals will always be there to help in your time of need. But what happens when you call 911 and no one answers? This series of training opportunities will prepare the participant to be able to maintain a level of lifestyle continuity that they are accustomed to during a critical incident created by, flooding, loss of power, severe weather, social unrest, violent crime, kidnapping, medical emergencies and any other disruptive environment scenario. The training will focus a set of priorities critical to survival: Shelter (Bugging In), Security, Water procurement, Urban Fire Craft (for heat and Cooking), Urban Food Procurement, Tools, Medical and Bugging Out/ Urban SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape). Learn more about Urban Preparedeness

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